The Tartness Glass--Case

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Meet the Tartness Glass.

This vessel is an elegant 14.5 oz. stem boasting a bulbous body with clean lines and a subtle flared edge that will guide and accentuate your beer with every sip.

The Tartness Glass will showcase and allow you to drink your wild ales with elegance.

We wanted to release a glass that suited tart/sour/wild ales and amplified their taste, effervescence and many bouquets.  

This stemware made in Germany combines aesthetics and world-class quality in a glass that will highlight your "wild life" of ales.

Purchasing by the case gives you our wholesale price.

Each case contains 6 goblets.


Front: Tartness design in light blue
Back: Craft Beer Enthusiast logo in light blue and gray
Pour: 14.5 oz.
Height: 8 in.
Diameter: 3.25 in.
Mouth: 2.5 in.

Case: 6 units

Suggested styles:

All things Tart/Acidic/Sour
Wild Ale
Farmhouse Ale

Made in Germany