The Whale Glass | B1

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*Released back in 2015.  

The Whale glass that started the movement. This is the 1st Whale Glass ever produced.  We challenge you to check the hashtag #whaleglass on instagram . Whale glass is detailed with our vintage CBE logo.  

Lost & Found units going up for sale: ONE


Meet the Whale Glass.

The whale glass is diamond balloon stemware that will showcase and allow you to drink your 'whales' in exceptional style.

The whale glass will hold 18.25 oz of your most coveted Ales.

The glass features a diamond-shaped balloon bowl and fine edge styling. The stemware combines simplicity and elegance in a glass that will highlight your premium Ales and add an upscale, distinctive flair to your glassware collection.

DRINK YOUR WHALES and sip in style.




Front: Whale design
Back: Craft Beer Enthusiast logo
Pour: 18.25 oz.
Height: 8.5 in.
Diameter: 3.25 in.
Mouth: 2.75 in.

Suggested styles:

All things Tart/Acidic/Sour
Wild Ale
Farmhouse Ale

Made in the U.S.A