The Reserve CBE Glass

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*Released back in 2017.  

The 1st and only release of this glass

Lost & Found units going up for sale: ONE


Meet the Reserve CBE Glass.

Simple and classy, the Craft Beer Enthusiast logo graces the Reserve CBE Glass in metallic gold.

Sturdy and classic in appearance this glass will hold 10.5 oz of your most coveted brews.  The Reserve CBE Glass enhances every element of your favorite beer including the color, nose and mouthfeel. The glass' tulip-shaped design allows the aroma of any brew to float to the top, tantalizing your senses. In addition, the design provides an ergonomic feel which is both stylish and easy to grasp, while the thick base adds sophistication and stability. No matter what you decide to pour, this elegant crystal-clear glass will showcase your beer.

The Reserve CBE Glass features a sheer rim-- an extremely fine, durable, and beadless rim that gives a uniquely luxurious experience with every sip.

Enjoy your Reserve CBE Glass.



Front: Craft Beer Enthusiast Logo in metallic 24K gold.
Pour: 10.5 oz.
Height: 4.125 in.
Max Diameter: 4.125 in.
Mouth: 2.5 in.

Suggested styles:
All things Barrel-Aged
Double/Imperial IPA
Triple IPA
Old Ale
Double/Imperial Stout
Strong Ale
All things high ABV%


Made in the U.S.A.