The Proper Snifter

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Minor scuff.


*Released back in 2015.  

This is the 1st ever CBE glass produced and detailed with our vintage CBE logo.  


Meet the Proper Snifter.

For our Batch 1 release, we wanted to put out the glass that would hold purpose to many styles of beer, the go-to glass.

The Proper Snifter is great for Barrel-Aged beers, Stouts, Double and Triple IPA's or any high ABV% beer. Due to its tapered opening, the snifter gracefully feeds the beer's complex aromas into your nose with each sip while the bowl allows you to cup the glass, warming up the beer in the process.

Enjoy your passion in its appropriate glassware.



Front: 'Proper' design in Satin Etch (hand wash only)
Back: Craft Beer Enthusiast Logo in Satin Etch
Pour: 12 oz.

Suggested styles:
All things Barrel-Aged
Double/Imperial IPA
Triple IPA
Old Ale
Double/Imperial Stout
Strong Ale
All things high ABV%

Made in the U.S.A