The Nightcap Glass | B3

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*Released back in 2017.  

The 3rd batch of our Nightcap series. Artwork created by @stevensuiterart.  

Lost & Found units going up for sale: ONE


Back by popular demand, meet the Nightcap Glass | Batch 3.

The Nightcap Glass is an elegant glass, designed to enhance your tasting experience thanks to its unique shape.  The bowl of this 14 oz. glass tapers to a smaller mouth which helps concentrate aromatics, making for a fuller, exceptional drinking experience.  The design was originally inked by a local artist that made our sketch come to life.

Batch 3 features a bigger, more detailed 'barreled' moon in metallic bright gold.

Stout season continues...usually a big, dark, viscous or barrel-aged beer is enjoyed as a nightcap.  This brought us to releasing a glass and design that would capture said session. 

Inhale while you sip, warming up your beer in the process.

The long awaited 3rd edition is here. Make it yours.

Enjoy your nightcap.



Front: Nightcap design in bright metallic gold (hand wash only
Back: Craft Beer Enthusiast Logo in bright metallic gold
Pour: 14 oz.
Height: 4.125 in.
Diameter: 2 in.
Mouth: 2.5 in.

Suggested styles:
All things Barrel-Aged
Double/Imperial IPA
Triple IPA
Old Ale
Double/Imperial Stout
Strong Ale
All things high ABV%