The Lumbre Glass

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*Released back in 2017.  

The "Lumbre" that started it all.  This is the vessel everyone wants back.  

Lost & Found units going up for sale: FIVE



Meet the Lumbre Glass | Batch 1.

Lumbre [lōōm•bray] meaning fire, is for all those big beers that bring the heat.  Those that we sip and enjoy at our own pace.

The bowl of this 7.1 oz. glass tapers to a subtle flared edge that will guide and accentuate your beer with every sip. The sensory properties of the Lumbre Glass enhance every element of your favorite big beer including the color, nose and mouthfeel-- concentrating its aromatics, making for a fuller, exceptional drinking experience.  

The design is our original hop logo mimicking a flame in metallic bright gold topped off with a beadless gold rim providing a touch of class and a clean flow with every sip that will melt your palate, oh so smoothly.

Stout season just got better. 

Inhale while you drink, and have no shame while you swirl the last sip-- whilst holding its notched heavy base.

Enjoy the heat, sipping ain't easy.



Front: Lumbre design in bright metallic gold (hand wash only
Back: Craft Beer Enthusiast Logo in bright metallic gold
Pour: 7.1 oz.
Height: 5 in.
Diameter: 2 in.
Mouth: 2 in.

Suggested styles:
All things Barrel-Aged
Double/Imperial IPA
Triple IPA
Old Ale
Double/Imperial Stout
Strong Ale
All things high ABV%