The Lil' Balloon Glass

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Issue with “e” on the back.


**Please read before purchasing.**

This glass is an authentic Durobor glass— a world renowned company based out of Belgium that is no longer in operation.  This glass is no longer in production. 
"Durobor glassware are made from soda-lime and are lead-free. They are recognized for their quality and robustness. The specific burn off system of Durobor gives all the resistance to the part of the glass where most abuse occurs, the rim. The bead obtained by the cutting process reduces substantially the risk of damage at the edge. The distinctive Bubble in the heavy base is a distinctive symbol of the Durobor brand."
Durobor’s glass manufacturing was different and renowned due to their hand blown-like process which created a ripple-like effect on the glass which may seem like an imperfection to some, however we assure you it is not.  If that is an issue for you, please DO NOT purchase this item.  All sales are final.  No returns, refunds or buyer’s remorse will be entertained.
Thank you.

By resounding demand the CBE Balloon glass returns.

The CBE Balloon glass holds ELEVEN (11) oz of craft beer.

Each vessel was custom made, sand carved, and painted red & silver. 

*With sand having a mind of its own, not one piece is the same, each is unique.

The front of the glass graces our hop snifter logo flipped to mimic a balloon.

The back graces our script Craft Beer enthusiast logo.

The wide bowl, convex walls, and sturdy base makes it a versatile glass for any style of beer.

This vessel made in Belgium combines simplicity, world-class quality and elegance in a glass that will highlight and showcase any craft beer you pour.

Glassware with a purpose.





Front: CBE Hop Snifter sand carved and painted red & silver.
Back: Script Craft Beer Enthusiast logo sand carved and painted silver
Pour: 11 oz.
Height: 5 in.
Diameter: 3.25 in.
Mouth: 2.25 in.

Suggested styles:

All styles of Craft Beer

Made in Belgium