The Premium Inhale Glass | B4

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Due to popular demand the Inhale Glass is only took us 3 years.

Batch 4. 

16.5 oz of aroma.

Looks have a purpose.

Inhale glass’ rounded body is designed to capture the scent and taste of your favorite craft beer.  

The narrow rim of the glass funnels the beer’s aroma to the nose, further enhancing and elevating the experience.

Artwork designed by the infamous calligraffiti artist @jexpo76.

“Inhale while you sip.”


Glassware with a purpose.



Front: “Inhale” logo sand carved and painted silver (hand wash only).
Back: Script Craft Beer Enthusiast Logo sand carved and painted silver
Pour: 16.5 oz.
Height: 6 in.
Diameter: 4 in.
Mouth: 2.75 in.

Suggested styles:

  • Belgians
  • Stouts
  • Big Beers (high %ABV)
  • IPAs
  • All craft beer