The "HYPE" TeKu Glass

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We've held back on adding a TeKu to our lineup since there are more than enough out there.  However, the fact is, that it is the one true glass designed specifically for craft beer, truly enhancing every beer's profile.

Sneaker heads will be quick to recognize the simple design graced on the glass, "TEKU" --it is a simple play to it all, since everyone knows it is indeed a "TeKu."

"On-Glass" signifies that we are true to craft and all our designs are graced on glass.  Glass is our canvas.

Glassware is limited to 72 units, each glass has its own tag with vessel #.

The "HYPE" is REAL.

Glassware with a purpose.




Front: "TEKU" font in black
Back: "On-Glass" font in black
Pour: 14.5 oz.
TeKu 3.0

Suggested styles:

All things Craft Beer

All things hyped.

Made in Italy