The Premium Hop Fish Glass

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A glass that's been in the works for quite some time, the Hop Fish is an original design by the talented @absorb81.  

Concept behind the glass:

Not everyone drinks whales every day right?  I don't.  I'd rather enjoy a freshie or a Hop Fish

The Hop Fish was blasted on the obsolete 19 oz. Durobor Alternato vessel.  The glass mimics a fish bowl, and as you pour the beer, the Hop Fish swims in your beer.

Each vessel was custom made, sand carved and individually painted.  We did something special with the paint on this glass and took it up a few notches.  

The Hop Fish has a Black base coat and is then sprayed with a beautiful Green Gold Flip Chameleon paint that becomes alive once the glass becomes cold.  It's amazing.  Bubbles are sprayed in with a Silver Chrome/Pool Blue, and the script logo on the back side is Silver Chrome as well.  Four colors in total. 

This making of this glass was a journey, racking up 120+ hours of labor of love.

The wide bowl, convex walls, and sturdy base makes it a versatile glass for any style of beer, not just IPAs.

This vessel made in Belgium combines simplicity, world-class quality and elegance in a glass that will highlight and showcase any craft beer you pour.

Glassware with a purpose.




* The nature of each glass being individually crafted and sand carved, each glass is different.  Paint and carving may slightly vary.  All sales are Final. 


Front: Hop Fish Design
Back: Script Craft Beer Enthusiast Logo
Pour: 19 oz.
Height: 6 in.
Diameter: 4.25 in.
Mouth: 3 in.

Suggested styles:

All styles of Craft Beer

Made in Belgium