The Dankness Glassware Set | B1-B6

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INCLUDES 7 VESSELS (2 versions of B6)

Dankness Glass B1-B6

Our top selling glass.


The glass stylishly holds 16 oz of your dankest brew. 

The glass' narrow, elongated, ribbed stem along with its broad rounded top will amplify and balance even the hoppiest of craft beers. The ridges on the base of the glass will change the way you experience hop-forward beers.

Every sip creates a ripple-effect via the ribbed stem renewing and preserving a frothy healthy head.  You will taste the complex and alluring aromatic profiles of hop-forward beers, stimulating your senses, enhancing taste and mouth feel; all in a comfortable flared top edge that will guide your beer to your mouth for optimal flavor enjoyment-- riveting your taste buds 'till the last drop.

Furthermore, this glassware's durable glass construction will allow you to enjoy your favorite brew over and over again--in style.

Enjoy the Dankness.




Dankness design front
Craft Beer Enthusiast logo centered on the back (except B2).
Pour: 16 oz.
Height: 5.75 in.
Diameter: 2.38 in.
Mouth: 3.38 in.

Suggested styles:
All Hop-Forward beers (SIPA, IPA, DIPA, TIPA)
Pale Ale
Amber/Red Ale
Hard Cider

Made in the U.S.A.