The Coigneau Vessel

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Meet the CBE Coigneau Vessel.

This is an 18 oz. elegant beast weighing in at 1.15 lbs.

Because of the light bitterness, the Coigneau hop during the 19th and 1st half of the 20th century was the favorite hop utilized in the Lambic brewing process.

If you want to enjoy a Lambic or anything wild/tart/sour you NEED this vessel--the preferred glass used to enjoy these sought after beers.

Our script Craft Beer Enthusiast logo elegantly hugs the glass in metallic platinum.


Glassware with a purpose.






Front: Script Craft Beer Enthusiast logo in metallic platinum
Pour: 18 oz.
Height: 7 in.
Base: 2.25 in.
Mouth: 3 in.

Suggested styles:


Anything Wild/Tart/Sour

Made in Belgium