The CBE Balloon Glass

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Meet the CBE Balloon glass.

The CBE Balloon glass holds 19 oz of craft beer.  It easily takes a 16 oz. can with room for head, no need to sip first and pour again.

Each vessel was custom made, sand carved, and painted silver.

The front of the glass graces our hop snifter logo with CBE on its side.

The back graces our script Craft Beer enthusiast logo.

The wide bowl, convex walls, and sturdy base makes it a versatile glass for any style of beer.

This vessel made in Belgium combines simplicity, world-class quality and elegance in a glass that will highlight and showcase any craft beer you pour.

Glassware with a purpose.





Front: CBE Hop Snifter sand carved and painted silver
Back: Script Craft Beer Enthusiast logo sand carved and painted silver
Pour: 19 oz.
Height: 6 in.
Diameter: 4.25 in.
Mouth: 3 in.

Suggested styles:

All styles of Craft Beer

Made in Belgium