The BIG BOY. ••Sand Carved••

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Last one.

Paint Issue.

This is the 1st run of our CBE BIG BOY, a custom hand blown vessel designed by GFTCBE and created by @atechglassworks.

For a few years now we've wanted to release a hand-blown glass that we had drawn up, OUR CREATION, OUR DESIGN.

Here it is.

Behind the Design:

The body’s pronounced orbs were designed to create a constant ripple effect with every sip, thus creating a renewed head (froth) throughout your entire session.  The orbs also double as grip to the vessel.  The sharp bowl funnels the brew's aroma to your nose, while the flared lip effortlessly guides the liquid to your mouth.  If you choose to keep your beer cold longer, hold the glass from the solid base.  It’s not just for looks, but graceful purpose.

As hand blown glass goes, every piece is unique, and one of a kind.  

Our design not only holds a purpose, but it’s a work of art.

Glassware with a purpose.





Suggested styles:

All styles of Craft Beer

CUSTOM MADE in the U.S.A. by @atechglassworks