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A glass that's been in the works for quite some time…pitched my vision to the talented @werdgra and IDENTITY was born.

Concept behind the glass:

As CBEs we not only enjoy and share craft beers, but we identify with everyone in the same space. Conversations with strangers about craft beer have sparked lifelong friendships.
Craft beer, it’s in our DNA. We are Craft Beer Enthusiasts.

Check your thumb, you just left your print on your IDENTITY glass.

IDENTITY was blasted on the upscale crystal @schottzwiesel 10.9 oz. nosing tumbler vessel.

Each vessel is custom made, sand carved and individually painted.

Print is sprayed in Chrome Silver & center hop in Metallic Green. The script CBE logo on the back side is Chrome Silver & hop snifter in Metallic Green as well.

This was another glass that took some time to create due to detail and intricacies of design.


Front: IDENTITY design sand carved and painted in chrome silver and metallic green (hand wash only w/cold water
Back: Sand carved Script Craft Beer Enthusiast Logo painted in silver and metallic green
Pour: 10.9 oz.
Height: 5 in.
Mouth: 2 in.


• Crystal glass

• Made in Germany

Suggested styles:

All things Barrel-Aged
Double/Imperial IPA
Triple IPA
Old Ale
Double/Imperial Stout
Strong Ale

All things high ABV%


Release date 7.1.22