What is the term 'Proper' glassware?

Proper glassware has become a loose term within the craft beer community.  When I first began this venture, to create a line of glassware that would meet the needs of every style of beer I drank, I started off with using the term--Proper.

I was challenged by some enthusiasts regarding the use of proper glassware; utilizing a branded brewery glass instead of the correct type of glass to accentuate the style of beer. Some may be okay with pouring a stout into a pint glass, or a sour into a snifter having the preconceived notion that it is "proper" glassware.

That is when we decided to remove the term "Proper" from our name, (I guess this makes the Proper Snifter a rarity now, our first ever glass and design).

We are now Glassware for the Craft Beer Enthusiast.  I can still use the term appropriate or correct glassware if need be, I suppose. You see, it is not actually proper glassware but "branded" glassware when you match a brewery's beer to the brewery's glass.  Like I've mentioned before, breweries focus on crafting and creating the beer we love.  Rarely do they provide a Snifter to accentuate their BA beer,  an IPA glass to accentuate their IPA's, or a flute type stem to accentuate their sour/wild beers.  All these glasses have a purpose and they do make a difference in enhancing the beer you drink. 

Snifters provide a one stop shop if you will.  They force you to smell and take on the nose of your high ABV% beer while you sip due to it's tapered opening.  The short stem and bowl allows you to warm up the beer in the process with your hand's cusp.

IPA glassware has ridges at the stem which cause a ripple effect every time you drink, especially when the beer is down to the stem.  This keeps a frothy head, which holds the aromas of the beer throughout your drinking session.  Head 'till the last drop.

Flute type stems have elongated narrow bowls keeping the liquid closer together, which naturally keeps the ale cold longer (sours taste better cold).  It allows the bouquet and effervescence of the ale to rise up while you drink.

With that said, craft beer isn't cheap. Why would you drink it out of a shaker pint that weighs more than my 5 lb dumbbells, does nothing for the beer and dissipates the head within seconds? 

You can keep collecting glassware from every brewery you visit. Nothing wrong with that, I have many myself.  However, when you need appropriate glassware you can shuffle through those or you can shuffle through ours.

Glassware is Important.